Interview with Pest Control Entrepreneur CEO Biddha Nanda Jha

Interview taken from MBA stundent of Presidental Busniess School

A boy from middle class family who had not even thought of being entrepreneur has now identified as young and energetic and dynamic entrepreneur in Nepal. He was known to be fun loving person who always seek for happiness on dealing with people and nature. Nobody had imagined that one day he will came up with such idea that will solve extreme problems from households to corporate houses. The person whom I get an opportunity to know him from nearer is Biddha Nanda Jha. Recently he is running Nepal Pest Control  register under Orange Ball Private Limited company which works for controlling pests like (cockroaches, bedbugs, rodents, termites, rats and many more) which is a sister company of Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd. He is acting as Co-founder and CEO of this company where he has employed nine employees with satisfied remuneration. He has started this company unofficial from 2012 A.D. but officially register company on 2016 5th January.

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pest control entrepreneur

Now talking about his journey; how he became entrepreneur. Seven years back he was working in a mobile shop as a sales boy. At that time his earning was almost Rs. 7000. Around his work place there was a small shop of pesticides shop Agro vet where several of chemicals were sold to use to kill pests.  People come there and buy chemicals to get rid of pests. Every day he saw hundreds of people passing from that shop. Mr. Biddha nanda jha realized that people are suffering from pest and even by those chemicals the problems were not solving. So one day his mind strikes with an idea how about to provide these chemicals to that people’s home just by a call. Then he start research on that idea and found some company on abroad and learn some more idea how to implement that idea, how does it really work and he found that our government has its separate office based on pesticides so he visited their and after visiting them he returned with a hope to get license from government office to implement this job in Nepal. But to precede license process, an individual must have a training certificate on the specified job. So in order to work on his idea officially, he needs training and again his struggle started on getting trained. Every day he visited various people and places with the hope to get some idea on pesticides courses but he got nothing except sadness. But he never gave up on his idea and promised himself to get this job done, does not matter what may happen in future. After his continuity he finally collides with good news of getting trained from British pest control council which was providing classes online. The training goes for one month and passed the exams with good score. Then he gets licensed by governmental office which was his first step towards his dreams. While working on pest control field he got to connect with various pest control entrepreneurs from India, China and Bangladesh.

When I asked him why he want to do this rather than other then he answered that at those days no one were knew about such pest control company in Nepal and also people were unaware of the side effects of the pests. He knew that there is a gap in the market so he starts his business. And again I asked, were there anyone else who was doing the same business” then I knew that there was some but they were using traditional method which lacks skilled manpower and technology. The capital used to start this business was acquired from his own savings and from parents. Around five lakhs was invested. For any pest control company, spraying utensils, pumps and chemicals are acts as asset. So for him too these utensils were at prior list where his almost capital was invested. When he start his job, because of lack of awareness he was facing loss .Due to of young age and new business model people do not believe him easily so it was difficult for him to service in market.  In this kind of business, a single person could not serve to public so he had hired two employees with per day remuneration. In the beginning years, he had not earned much money, somehow he was managing his company and after days he starts to advertise about pests through Facebook and door to door marketing and also get own website. After facing many challenges and troubles he finally succeeds to explore his business. His team grow up from 2 members to 9 members of export pest control team. Now today he has established his branch pest control office in Biratnagar and pokhara along with Kathmandu. In Kathmandu, their offices are located in Newroad, Basundhara and Pulchowk from where, his daily transaction are operating smoothly. From the recent data I knew that this company has reached their client list from a household to 1850 householdsand 350+ under corporate houses.

Today Nepal pest control is identified as no. 1 leading pest control in Nepal and popular pest control and top ranked  pest control in Nepal. Biddha nanda jha  said that this has only because of his effective team work and proper infrastructure that helps them to provide quick delivery as desired by their customers which most of the pest control company are lacking. So from his view, his teams is his company’s strength and also the interview held by money talks episode 19 link here on Kantipur television channel had made his job more easier. Through that program many of the population from household to corporate were aware about this kind of company and many of the younger were inspired by his job which motivates other to do something in Nepal and those who have already lose hope on the industrialization system of Nepal has start believing on doing business and their scope in Nepal. On reviewing about his weakness, they are unable to manage their financial and managerial systematically and it lack promotional activity which does not matter in past days but now many new companies are introducing so in such scenario they feel as in danger zone. When I asked him about his view on new establishing company then he replied that it is good to have competition, their efficiency will be improved that can again provide satisfied service to the customer and enhance their confidence towards retention of company. On the other hand, also fear of losing market so they are working on making their status stable in the market. The introduction of new company forced them to lower their price to keep them stable which may also tends them to face loss so this is their foremost difficulty on their daily operation.

While talking about his mission and vision of his company, his company’s mission is to make corporate spaces pest free by introducing safe chemicals administered by trained exterminators. And vision is to become Nepal’s top professional pest control company in terms of safety and reliability of services. His organizational goal is to open branches in all over Nepal which has not achieved. Hence he is still working for the accomplishment of its goals. He said that Orange ball Pvt ltd. Moto is “ We are not satisfied until you are”. This is promise he had made on himself and his company own it.

Besides Nepal pest control, he had also opened a restaurant in Maharajgunj under partnership which ends up with loss. He said that reason of being failure in the field of restaurant is because of improper time management and skilled human resource. He had also invest on various Start up entrepreneurs of Nepal who are trying to do something new in Nepal.

He believes that being an entrepreneur he has also become trustworthy person. Now people have faith on him which may not happen if he was just an employee. For him his valuable asset is trust, courage and unique ideas.

Yes Nepal is best place for entrepreneurs to work.







Pesticide Used In Nepal

Many farmer in Nepal are not aware of pesticide types,level of poisoning,safety precautions and potential hazards on health and environment and agriculture field. according to 2012 servery the latest estimate, the yearly import of pesticides in Nepal is about 211t a.i. with 29.19% insecticides, 61.38% fungicides, 7.43% herbicides and 2% others. The gross sale value accounts US $ 3.05 million per annual. Average pesticides use in Nepal is 142 g a.i./ha, which is very low as compared to other Asian counties. The focus of this paper is to analyze the use and application status of pesticides in Nepal to aware the society about adverse effects of chemical pesticides in the environment . Pesticide misuse is being a serious concern mainly in the commercial pocket areas of agricultural production, where farmers are suffering from environmental pollution. Incidence of poisoning is also increasing because of intentional, incidental and occupational exposure. Toxic and environmentally persistent chemicals are being used as pesticides. Many studies showed that the chemical pollution of the environment has long-term effects on human life. It is therefore essential that manufacture, use, storage, transport and disposal of chemical pesticides be strictly regulated.
Due to over use of pesticide in the framer field makes cultivable lands barrier and decrease capacity of cultivable lands so framer should aware of pesticide types, leveling and safety precaution and harms of pesticide on human health. In our research we found that many framer are not aware of pesticide types or class they used same kinds of pesticide for all kinds of problems for example: if plants had been eaten by insect they used insecticide, on another case if plants are been cover by fungus then also they used insecticide rather using fungicide. like that if any weeds or surbs are grown on framing land than we should used herbicide not other types of pesticide so farmer should aware of types and dose of pesticide. We should use proper dose of pesticide for proper effect.

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pesticide used

pestcide used in nepal

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हामी काम गर्यौं, वा तपाइँ जो समर्थक पत्ता लगाउन मद्दत गर्दछौं

सार्नु, तपाईंको घरको यात्रा मार्फत, हामी तपाईको लागि यहाँ कुनै पनि समयमा, प्रत्येक परियोजना, बाटोको प्रत्येक चरण।

कीरा र जडीबुटी कोटहरू रोग लाग्दछन्, सम्पत्ति हानिकारक हुन, एलर्जीहरू ज्वरो पार्छ र अरूलाई हानिकारक बनाउँछ। यद्यपि, त्यहाँ धेरै कम्पनीहरू छन् जो इन्फेन्डिङहरूसँग व्यवहार गर्ने विशेषज्ञहरू हुन्।

कीट नियंत्रण प्रोफेसर कोट को प्रकार को पहिचान गर्न सक्छ जो एक सम्पत्ति को पोषण गर्दछ। त्यसपछि उनीहरूले अवांछित आलोचकहरू खाली गर्न सक्दछन् र सम्पत्ति मालिक मालिकहरूलाई घर र व्यवसायहरू पुन: इन्स्टाईएको छैन भन्ने सुनिश्चित गर्नको लागि रोकथाम उपायहरू लिन सक्दछ।

कम्पनीको प्रतिष्ठा ||Pest control features || Reputation Company ||Nepal pest control in kathmandu

कम्पनीको प्रतिष्ठा

भर्ती गर्नु अघि कम्पनीको ट्रयाक रेकर्डको बारेमा पृष्ठभूमि अनुसन्धान गर्न महत्त्वपूर्ण छ। त्यहाँ धेरै कीट नियंत्रण कम्पनीहरू छन्, तर तिनीहरू सबैले सेवाको समान गुण प्रदान गर्दैनन्।

प्रोभ ट्रयाक रेकर्ड:

केहि कीट नियन्त्रण कम्पनीहरू लामो समयसम्म संक्रमित व्यवहारमा सफल भएका छन्; एक कम्पनी को राम्रो समीक्षा एक सूचक हो कि उनि सबै भन्दा अधिक संभावना एक राम्रो काम गर्छन र एक सार्थक कम्पनी संग काम गर्न को लागि हो।

नयाँ कम्पनी:

धेरै नयाँ कीट नियंत्रण कम्पनीहरू – विशेष गरी पारिस्थितिकी अनुकूल – को रूप मा पुरानो कम्पनीहरु को रूप मा कोशिश र परीक्षण को रूप मा छैन, र उनको प्रतिष्ठा साबित भएको छ। यसको मतलब कि उनीहरूको कीट नियंत्रण सेवाको लागि पैसा खर्च जुवा हुन सक्छ, किनकि उनीहरूको सफलतालाई कास्ट हटाउने समय र फेरि साबित भएको छैन।

खराब प्रतिष्ठा:

केही कम्पनीहरूले निपटने प्रभावकारी वा अप्रिय हुनको लागी प्रतिष्ठा विकास गर्दछ। कम्पनीले प्राय: खराब ग्राहक सेवा, अत्यन्त उच्च मूल्यहरू, वा कीटहरूको उपचार जसले काम गर्दैन।

पर्यावरण मित्रता | Eco friendly ||

कोटहरूबाट छुटकारा पाउन अक्सर प्रायः

क्यान्सरको प्रयोगको आवश्यकता पर्दछ, तर कम्पनीहरूले इन्फिस्टेसनहरू समाप्त गर्न विभिन्न विषाक्त पदार्थहरूको उत्पादनहरू प्रयोग गर्न सक्छन्। वास्तवमा, पारिस्थितिक चेतनामा ध्यान दिइएका केही कम्पनीहरूले रसायनहरू प्रयोग गर्दैनन्, तर यसको बाल्यकालदेखि छुटकारा पाउन विभिन्न प्राकृतिक, प्राकृतिक तरिकाहरू लागू गर्छन्।

परम्परागत कीट नियंत्रण कम्पनीहरू:

एक परम्परागत कीट नियंत्रण कम्पनीले अक्सर पिरोत्र्रोइड र पाइरेथ्रिन जस्तै धेरै कठोर रसायनहरू प्रयोग गर्दछ, बगहरू हटाउनको लागि, र तिनीहरूसँग पारिस्थितिकी-अनुकूल तरिकाहरू भन्दा वातावरणमा ठूलो असर पार्छ।

हरियो कीट नियन्त्रण कम्पनीहरू:

हरियो कीट नियन्त्रण कम्पनीहरूले किटहरू हटाउनका लागि विधिहरू वा सामग्रीहरू प्रयोग गर्दछ जुन वातावरणमा मित्रतापूर्ण हुन्छन्, जस्तै कम जहरीलोपन वा प्राकृतिक उत्पादनहरू जस्तै रसायनहरू बोरिक एसिड जस्तै।

बहुमुखी कीट नियन्त्रण कम्पनीहरू:

आजका कीट नियंत्रण कम्पनीहरूले बलियो विषाक्त पदार्थहरूको संयोजन प्रयोग गर्छन् जब प्रहारहरू विशेष गरी ठूलो र कडा मेहनती हुन्छन्, वा जब तिनीहरू कम कठोर उपचारका लागि प्रतिक्रिया नगर्ने हुन्छन्, र पारिस्थितिक-अनुकूल, प्रहार गर्दा धेरै अधिकमल उपचारहरू हुन्छन्। खास गरी कठिनाई वा कीट समस्याहरू हल्का हुन्छन्।

Best pest control in nepal 2018

Best pest control in  kathmandu Nepal

पेस्ट नियन्त्रण सुविधाहरू विचार गर्न

कीटका प्रकारहरू:

कीटहरूले प्राय: घरहरूमाथि आक्रमण गर्छ, तर सबै कीटहरू बराबर हुँदैन। कीट नियन्त्रण कम्पनीहरु अवांछित आलोचकहरूको दायरासँग सम्झौता गर्दछ, र उपभोक्ताहरूले कम्पनीको छनौट गर्नु पर्छ जो कि कीटको प्रकारमा तिनीहरू चिन्तित छन्।


केहि कीट नियन्त्रण कम्पनीहरु रोडेंटहरु जस्तै चूहों र चूहों को रिक्ति स्थानहरुमा काम गर्छन। यी कम्पनीहरूमा कीराहरू (जस्तै स्प्रेहरू, रसायनहरू, आदि )सँग व्यवहार गर्न विशेष उपाय नहुन सक्छ, तर तिनीहरूसँग जनावरहरूको पापीको लागि ज्ञान विशेष गरी (जस्तै जाल, स्टील ऊन, भवन मर्मत, आदि)


कीट संक्रमणहरू पनि एक सामान्य समस्या हुन् जुन निश्चित विशेष कीट नियन्त्रण कम्पनीहरूसँग सम्झौता गर्दछ। कीराहरूसँग व्यवहार गर्ने कम्पनीहरू प्रायः विशिष्ट स्प्रे वा विषाक्त पदार्थहरू छन् जुन बगहरूको घरहरू छुटाउन स्प्रेड गर्न सकिन्छ। तिनीहरूसँग काँगहरू कोलाउन र कुटपिट गर्न जाँच्ने प्रयोगको ज्ञान पनि छ, साथै विभिन्न प्राकृतिक रोकथामका तरिकाहरू परिवारले यो सुनिश्चित गर्न सक्दछन् कि बगहरूले घर फर्काउन सकेन।

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कम सामान्य कीटहरू:

केही कीट नियन्त्रण कम्पनीहरूले विशेष गरी अधिक विशेष समस्याहरू जस्तै सौन्दर्यहरू, रिक्तिहरू, वा किरणहरूसँग सम्झौता गर्छन्। जबकि ठूला ठूला, सामान्यकृत कीट नियंत्रण कम्पनीहरु चीट, रोशनी र मच्छर जस्तै अधिक सामान्य कीराहरूमा राम्रो तरिकाले हुन्छन्, धेरै विशेष कम्पनीहरूले दुर्लभ हुन्छन् (जस्तै कि बिग बगहरू) वा क्षेत्रीय रूपमा (बिच्छेदनहरू) जस्तै समस्याहरू सामना गर्न सक्छन्।

किट नियंत्रण कम्पनीहरु को समीक्षाहरु को तुलना गर्नुहोस |

किट नियंत्रण कम्पनीहरु को समीक्षाहरु को तुलना गर्नुहोस |

कीरा र जडीबुटी कोटहरू रोग लाग्दछन्, सम्पत्ति हानिकारक हुन, एलर्जीहरू ज्वरो पार्छ र अरूलाई हानिकारक बनाउँछ। यद्यपि, त्यहाँ धेरै कम्पनीहरू छन् जो इन्फेन्डिङहरूसँग व्यवहार गर्ने विशेषज्ञहरू हुन्।

कीट नियंत्रण प्रोफेसर कोट को प्रकार को पहिचान गर्न सक्छ जो एक सम्पत्ति को पोषण गर्दछ। त्यसपछि उनीहरूले अवांछित आलोचकहरू खाली गर्न सक्दछन् र सम्पत्ति मालिक मालिकहरूलाई घर र व्यवसायहरू पुन: इन्स्टाईएको छैन भन्ने सुनिश्चित गर्नको लागि रोकथाम उपायहरू लिन सक्दछ।

कोट नियन्त्रण चाहिन्छ? Who needs pest control? || Pest control features ||Nepal pest control in kathmandu

1.ठूला आवासीय भवनहरु को लैंडलिस्ट्स

ठूला भवनहरूको ल्यान्डलिल्डरहरूले धेरै व्यक्तिगत एकाइहरूमा नियन्त्रण गरेका छन्, र यी ग्राहकहरूले अक्सर ठूला-साना शिशुहरूसँग व्यवहार गर्दछन् र शिशुहरूलाई बचाउनका लागि चाहिन्छ, किनकि किरायेदारहरू एकअर्कासँग नजिक रहन्छन्। भवनहरु को रखरखाव को संदर्भ मा, लैंडलिस्टहरु अक्सर हात-बन्द गर्दै छन्, यसैले उनि कीट नियंत्रण सेवाहरु संग नियमित योजनाहरु लाई स्थापित गर्न को लागी हुन सक्छ जो कि किरायेदारों को लागि अपार्टमेट्स को दौरा र उपचार गर्न सक्छन्, भले ही जमींदारों को आसपास नहीं हो।

2.एकल परिवारको घर मालिकहरू

ओहो उनीहरूका घरहरू अक्सर प्रायः सानो-सानो अप्ठ्यारोमा परेका छन्, किनभने तिनीहरूको स्थान सानो हुन्छ।

3.अपार्टमेन्ट र कन्सोडो मालिकहरू

किनकि यी उपभोक्ताहरूले ठूलो इमारत भित्र एक एकाइको स्वामित्व लिन्छन्, तिनीहरू कहिलेकाँही उनीहरूको वरिपरि इकाइहरूको कीट समस्याले प्रभावित हुन्छन्। कोंडो र अपार्टमेन्ट मालिकहरूले प्राय: रसहरूसँग थप समस्याहरूको अनुभव गर्छन्, किनभने भोजनको ठूलो मात्रामा उनीहरूको घरको वरिपरी बर्बाद हुन्छ, र तिनीहरू प्रायः बिस्तारै बग बग हुन्छन्, जुन एक इन्च गरिएको इकाईबाट अर्कोमा फैलिन्छ।

4. व्यावसायिक सम्पत्ति मालिकहरू

वाणिज्य सम्पदा मालिकहरूले प्राय: ठूलो मात्रामा कीट इन्फ्लुसनहरूसँग सम्झौता गर्छन्, वा तिनीहरू व्यवसायहरूमा व्यवहार गर्छन् जुन विशेष रूपमा रोडेन्टहरू, रेस्टुरेन्टहरू, बारहरू, र निर्माण पेन्टिङहरू (अरूको बीचमा) आकर्षित गर्छन्।

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Kathmandu Pest Control company is sub- division of Orange Ball (P). LTD. It  is established under office of the company registrar  having registration no. 143430/072/073 and also registered on PAN office having office located in tokha-08, Kathmandu Nepal. We are professional pest Control Company which is specialized in protecting your property, before pests become a problem. Professional and experience exterminator will handle your problem. Continue reading

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